Mobile App designed to suit your digital marketing needs. Showcase your brand, sell products, sell tickets and many more opportunities to increase your online presence and sales.


Consumers now spend more than five hours a day on their smartphones (AdWeek, 2018)  and 90% of all time on mobile is spent in apps. (eMarketer, 2018) 

Mobile App

  • A first deposit of $675 is required if Monthly Payment option is selected.

  • Additional paid services to boost your digital brands, products and services:

    • Digital Trends & Insights Report

    • Analytics & Visitors’ Insights

    • Digital Automation

    • Salesforce Training in Digital Marketing

    • Focus Groups for Digital Product Review

    • Multimedia Production Team

    • Announcers/Voice Overs

    • DJs

    • Content Development

    • Social Media Strategy

    • Social Media Content Mapping

    • Social Media Content Automation

    • Digital/Social Influencers

    • Video Ads

    • Graphic Ads

    • Google Ads

    • Bings Ads

    • Mobile Ads

    • Web Ads

    • Workshops

    • Webinars