Why choose UDMI to create your logo?




Standard Package

  • High Resolution Logo

Receive your logo in high resolution for digital use or printing.

  • Brand Guide

Brand consistency is key. Get all the details about your logo.


Full Package

Standard files plus:

  • Print-Ready Files

Print your logo anywhere from business cards to billboards.

  • Social Media Kit

Use your logo on all your social media channels.


Logo Design

  • Additional paid services to boost your digital brands, products and services:

    • Digital Trends & Insights Report

    • Analytics & Visitors’ Insights

    • Digital Automation

    • Salesforce Training in Digital Marketing

    • Focus Groups for Digital Product Review

    • Multimedia Production Team

    • Announcers/Voice Overs

    • DJs

    • Content Development

    • Social Media Strategy

    • Social Media Content Mapping

    • Social Media Content Automation

    • Digital/Social Influencers

    • Video Ads

    • Graphic Ads

    • Google Ads

    • Bings Ads

    • Mobile Ads

    • Web Ads

    • Workshops

    • Webinars